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Work Experience for Special Situations!

"Work Experience for Special Needs Situations."  As both an Educator and Employer I recognize the need to have guidelines available for our schools for our Students with Special Needs when it comes to Work Experience. After 15 years in the retail business we know that many of our most loyal and most dedicated employees are those who are Special. 
This session takes an in-depth look at work experience placements for the "students in special situations". Not just those students who have special needs or a specific diagnosis but those with circumstances that lead to them to being in a "special situation."
By creating  guidelines for having them participate in such a session would allow them to  thrive in the work place rather than remain in the class and become less and less engaged.  Assist in being proactive in the transition from school to work when the time comes by providing guidelines to assist Teachers, Parents and Employers to help start the process. 
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