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So Clark is in Your Class...Now What?


A session for educators, parents, clinicians, consultants, teacher assistants...

...virtually anyone wanting to know more about children with

Down syndrome and how having Down syndrome affects their everyday lives.

Perhaps you have received news that your will be receiving a child with

special needs in your class, church, clinic, practice school, or day care...more specifically...

a child with Down syndrome...NOW WHAT?

This session is a practical guide to teach people how to deal with a child with Down syndrome and

learn about how having Down syndrome influences the way they learn. Barb will explain differences on a BRAIN BASE level and how these children process and retain information.

Learn valuable tips and tricks for pre-determined motivators, dealing with distractions, how to adapt curriculum, IEP/IPP suggestions and goals. Learn how once an IEP is to follow and reflect back on it through the school weeks.

Learn how to keep daily communication flowing to parents - this can be a daunting task when you have more than one child who requires a daily communication log.

Join Barb and learn from her and her unique perspective of being a parent, former educator, administrator and Consultant.

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