Free Consultation 

Call or visit me for a one hour free consultation to see how I can assist you with your child's or students' needs.

Speaking Engagements

Call Barb to book her for your next Conference, PD Day, Educator Convention or Parent Council Meeting or Private Group or Function.

Listening Therapy -

Barb is a TLP Provider – a music listening program, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age, level, or ability. TLP involves listening to acoustically-modified instrumental music through high-quality headphones with bone conduction allow a multi-sensory audio system to reduce stress, improve focus, self-regulation, learning, memory, and more.


Barb can create lesson plans and learning centres for teachers with typically developing students and those with special needs. If you have a new unit or novel study that requires a unique lesson plan, Barb can create new plans that follow the scope and sequence required. Lesson plans following the curriculum with teaching strategies targeted to your student’s learning style subjects and all grades K-12.

Develop study skill and organization techniques that will promote accelerated learning.

IEP Consultation 

Analysis of your child or your students' current Individual Education Plan (IEP) and troubleshooting any areas.

Assist in parent preparation for the IEP meeting at your child's school.

Attend the IEP meeting as a Special Education Consultant to represent your student’s educational needs - from remedial to gifted programming.

Input towards the creation of the IEP that is personalized for your child for you to bring to the IEP meeting for implementation.

Templates and guidelines to assist you in documenting and updating your child's IEP.

CAT3 Assessments 

Modeled to fit Canadian curricula, the CAT is a testing system that assesses the essential learning outcomes of the following basic skill areas: reading, language, spelling, and mathematics. CAT·4 is both versatile and user-friendly; it can be administered individually or in small and large groups. Essentially, the CAT evaluates how well students perform in comparison to other students across the district, region, or in Canada as a whole.

SOI (Structure of Intellect) Assessments 

We work to understand & address the causes of learning difficulties. This is how SOI makes traditional education more successful!

Our goal is to develop the lifelong learning abilities that you need in order to be successful in school, your career, and life in general.

The process is simple: assess, identify, and train.

Irlen Syndrome Assessments 

Barb is a Certified Irlen Screener and can assist Parents & Educators by assessing and advocating for your child or student.

Barb can provide you with a Parent or Educator Toolkit so you have everything you need to know about Irlen syndrome.

To find out more about Irlen syndrome click here.

Coaching and Direction 

Assist in directing parents to advocate on behalf of their child for the eligible education services and requesting specific strategies to meet your child's specific educational needs.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services for pre-k, elementary, and high school students in all subjects areas. Please join us at Scholars Education Centre Peace River...come check us out!

Sensory Suite & Listening Therapy

Scholars Education Centre in Peace River is the only Scholars Franchise to house a Calming Sensory Suite. There are so many benefits of utilizing a sensory suite for typical children or those children on the spectrum. We also offer Listening Therapy within the Centre as well.