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We all have a story to tell.

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Scribbles from my Scribbly.

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I joined a women’s gentle writing program called Scribbly. It has re-introduced me to writing and taking the time to write in small bits. It truly is a gentle ease into the daunting task of having to be creative and actually put pen to paper. Staring at a blank page can be horrifying whether it is a notepad or computer screen. The fear is still the same. With Scribbly, Kim has created the quintessential gentle nudge into writing creativity.

I will share a few of my scribbles here and there on my blog. I hope you enjoy. A humungous THANK YOU to Kim and her insight into creating Scribbly! Hurrah!

Three creative people I know and admire and what they do that catches my eye!

I can only pick THREE? Not fair! Ha!

Wow - there are so many creative people in this world and many of whom I know.

However, three individuals do come to mind instantly.

The first creative person in my world woud have to be my mom. No matter what she sewed, painted, put together, wrote down, sketched, cooked, spelled, spoke or joked…she exuded creativity.

The second creative person would have to be my beautiful friend: Lori!

Lori has the ability to make the boring and mundane into the most

interesting and satisfying experiences.

Lori sparkles the dull, creates laughter from the un-funny and makes the canny become “un”! The flat suddenly becomes dimensional!

No matter what she does or says-it magically becomes extraordinary!

The third person who is perhaps NOT so creative

but who would love to be …would be…me!

When I was a student teacher, my mentor asked what did I hope to accomplish as a teacher? What does the future hold for you? I mentioned that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my students, have my name and my books (I hoped to be an author some day) talked about at schools, on playgrounds, at hockey rinks, at conferences - pretty much…everywhere!

Mr. Saunders said I was a force to be reckoned with and would wait patiently until such a time he could say, “I know her, she was my student teacher!”

I know somewhere deep within, lays a spot of creativity waiting to burst! Spontaneity waiting to be realeased. A gazillion succinct (and some not so succinct) sentences to be read by young and old.

Words that will evoke emotions of laughter, pain, justice, happiness, hilarity, anger and love…all spattered with a bit of “what’s next?”

And now …we wait…

Lori photo credit: Melanie Pittman

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