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We all have a story to tell.

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...another short Scribbly response..

It’s the middle of the night – I can’t sleep but I also can’t get out of bed and deal with the outstanding stress that is keeping me awake.

So, I do what any other middle-aged woman would do. I grab my phone and scroll through FB and Instagram. Looking at make-up tutorial videos, classy, hip, and gorgeous clothes capsules – must haves for women of a certain age.

I land on a site that has it all, the anti-aging face creams and serums, body shaping containers, volumizing thinning hair, incredibly soft leather loafers, jeans that “do not also belong on your

daughter” … and so much more.

Soon my cart was filled with a pillow that said, “I am adopted – so what, I was chosen, they HAD to have you!” – just perfect for the family inside joke of a fib told years ago. A wine glass that could hold a FULL bottle of wine, little doggie stairs to help our eight-pound Morkie climb into bed, chicken feet

socks that looked hilarious in the videos, a carry-on suitcase that would fit an abundance of clothes and electronics. It even had USB ports on the outside for easy charging – who knew…?

It is incredibly easy with a click and another click and a few more clicks the ending of all my adding to the cart, it was nearing 700 dollars. With a muffled holy crap into my pillow (not to wake hubby), and thinking okay this is crazy, I clicked off the site…or so I thought…

Well, little did I know …abandoned carts are included in clever marketing campaigns! I received an email reminder a few hours later that my items were feeling abandoned and would I consider giving them a second chance etc. etc. All an attempt to persuade me to make the purchase!

So, this is a real thing! Marketers create abandoned cart email templates! These are email templates businesses can use to send to customers who “almost” made a purchase to encourage them to go back to complete their transaction.

Wow! Incredible marketing idea. Keep reminding the shopper, their gorgeous choices are still tucked away in the cart ready to be purchased. And only with one more click of the mouse!

What a great idea to convert lost business and turn a lost prospect, like me, into a brand enthusiast!

Even more clever is that I continue to receive emails, sequential emails in fact over the next two days, I am continually reminded of my full shopping cart.

Who are these people? How do they know I need these chicken feet socks and are now constantly reminding me?

I am beginning to cave with all these personal and sometimes hilarious reminders:

“Still thinking it Over?”

“Are you sure you want to end our relationship this way?”

“Oops. Looks like you forgot to check-out!”

“Going, going, almost gone”

“Your shopping cart has abandonment issues. Save these items hours of therapy and give them a loving home.”

…and all the other the intriguing phrases, humor and guilt-ridden reminders continue until I either click “payment” or “completely abandon the cart”…

So, here I am a few weeks later, back in bed, wide awake and I am scrolling at 3 am…an email reminder pops up “last chance for your cozy and hilarious chicken feet socks – 70% off – act now”

“Oh, good grief!”


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