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We all have a story to tell.

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"Why we can't leave in the morning until Clark's socks are ironed!"

I thought perhaps it was time to write a sequel to my earlier post in honour of Down syndrome Awareness…another perspective... “Why we have a Christmas tree up on September 27th?”

This post will be entitled: “Why we can’t leave the house in the morning until Clark’s socks are ironed?”

Perhaps, as Gord suggests, he is modelling Mr. Bean. Episode upon episode of watching Mr. Bean could indeed influence his desire for warm cozy socks in the morning. Perhaps, because we lower the furnace while we sleep and the floors are cold in the morning? Perhaps, it eases sensory issues he has with the certain “feel” of clothes or it helps lay the stitching down so it doesn’t bother him through the day. I am sure Janice can attest to things that “don’t feel right” with him, such as the string on his sweat pants. the string must be a certain tension and tied with a bow before he can attend to his work….

Perhaps, we will never know and we must chalk it up to another little quirk.

We all have quirks, some just hide them better than others.

“Why Clark turns up the sound full blast when a song is playing and will turn it down when he’s done?”

More often than not, our house is noisy. On the way to school in the morning it is noisy. On family trips, it is noisy.…Clark wants the music at a certain range so he can sing. Typically, he will stop when the song is over. Extended versions tak​​e forever! Lately he has been listening to Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good” over and over and over and over ...... I find it fascinating that he has so few audible words when trying to speak but when singing many words are sung perfectly. Perhaps, his hearing is fluctuating and he needs it at a certain decibel, perhaps, he is feeling the music through his body or perhaps, it is as simple as wanting to bug his big brother and sisters.

Clark does indeed “feel” the music to his core… he always has…

“Why his cereal can’t be eaten after he gets dressed?”

Clark is a routine guy, not only am I referring to his comic routine but his daily routine.

Heaven forbid if we wake up late and get him dressed before he eats his cereal. He needs time. He needs routine. Don’t try and dress him before he eats his breakfast. Make sure you show him the cereal before the milk goes in otherwise YOU are eating the unwanted soggy cereal. Make sure HE moves the magnets of his daily routine that are clinging desperately to the side of the dryer looking as though they don’t want to be moved by anyone else either! Make sure dad doesn’t put too much “product” in his hair or he is off to the other bathroom to re-groom! Make sure his lunch is in the fridge for him to grab on the way by. Make sure he has time to gather up his special items to take to school to show his teachers!

So often we are trying to hustle them out the door, “Come on let’s go, we’re going to be late, get your boots on, get your backpack, where is your hat…?” and Clark is sauntering towards the boot-room turning off lights and making sure all the cupboards are closed, and drawers are pushed in… perhaps, to leave things in order for his return after school.

Clark is a 45 second child trying to live in a 3 second world.

We can laugh at his desire to have his socks ironed, sing so loudly the dog start to howl and his attempt to create order in those chaotic mornings... but.. the more I think about it, the more I think he has a message for us:

take the time to iron your socks, sing your heart out and all will be calm…who knows?

I don’t…

But …I think Clark does…

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