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I Go Bananas for BOOKS!

Books for Younger CHILDREN:

I Like Berries, Do You? - Marjorie W. Pitzer

My Up & Down & Around Book - Marjorie W. Pitzer

Animal Fun for Everyone - Marjorie W. Pitzer

We'll Paint the Octopus Red - Stephanie Stuve Bodeen

The Best Worst Brother - Stephanie Stuve Bodeen

My Friend Isabelle - Eliza Woloson

My Friend has Down Syndrome- Jennifer Moore-Mallinas

What's Inside You Is Inside Me, Too! (My Chromosome Makes Me Unique.) - Deslie Webb Quinby, Jeannie Visootsak, MD & Michael Johnson

Down Syndrome: The Purply Princess- Linda Culbreth

Wordy Birdy! - Tammy Sauer

Books for TEENS or SIBLINGS:

Fasten Your Seatbelt - Brian Skotko & Susan P. Levine

Oh Brother! Growing Up with a Special Needs Sibling. - Natalie Hale

Views from Our Shoes. Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs - Edited by Donald J. Meyer

The Sibling Survival Guide. Indispensable Information for Brothers and Sisters of Adults with Disabilities - Donald Meyer & Emily Holl

Books for PARENTS:

Babies with Down Syndrome A New Parents' Guide - Edited by Susan J. Skallerup Foreword by Mitchell Levitz

Down Syndrome Parenting 101 - by Natalie Hale (not only for parents and family but community members and educators too!)

Common Threads: Celebrating Life with Down Syndrome Hardcover – Cynthia Kideer & Brian Skotko

Books for ANYONE and EVERYONE:

Zero, ONE and TWO -  by Kathryn Otoshi

A Bad Case of the Stripes - by David Shannon

A Mango Shaped Space -  by Wendy Mass

We Don't Eat Our Classmates! - by Ryan T. Higgins

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