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Introducing your Child's Abilities to their Peers/Teachers...

Be Proactive! Not Reactive!

Find out how to introduce and deliver information about your child to his/her peers and other school personnel. New school? New class? Or new staff working with your child? Whether your school is familiar with your child or not - this session allows you to return to your child's school and share information on Down syndrome and more specifically - all about YOUR child! 

In this presentation attendees will discover the power of being proactive when introducing their children with Down syndrome to his/her class and those working with your child.

Allowing the other students to discover your child's abilities and disabilities through power-point presentation and hands on activity - the class and school personnel will be more open and accepting of who this new child is in their class.

On the day your child enters - others will have a better understanding of what to expect and how to succeed with your child.

From my own experience this is a valuable tool to educate peers and school staff alike has demonstrated they are more accepting, compassionate and understanding. Teachers and educational assistants and the whole school Team will discover your child's strengths and weakness, learn how having Down syndrome influences learning, along with tips and tricks on how to deal with their unique learning style and behavior.

This session is not only geared to parents, but to all school personnel who is spending time with and educating a child with Down syndrome.

Be proactive in giving your child a great introduction to their school life.

Join me as I share what I know about my experience in having a son with Down syndrome.

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