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Benefits of the Balance Board 

Balance Boards

Why are they so great?


The balance board is a tool for developing learning abilities. Various balance board exercises and routines are used to develop rhythm, sequencing, motor coordination, visual processing and auditory processing.

The Balance Board program helps to release the effects of emotional stress and trauma. Significant shifts in behaviour have also been noted, along with raised self-esteem.

Balance Board programming should be part of all childrens' learning.


  • increased capacity for sustained self-directed attention

  • increased ability to learn new material 

  • ability to sequence information

  • improved ability to produce smooth speech sounds

  • increased ability to integrate sensory information


  • increased motivation

  • increased organization

  • enthusiasm for learning



  • overcoming the effects of emotional stress

  • increased emotional self-control

  • increased self-esteem



  • improved eye tracking

  • better use of both eyes together - teaming



  • sense of rhythm

  • improved handwriting

  • improved speech

  • achieving automaticity

  • improved coordination

  • improved planning 

  • improved motor coordination

  • improved posture

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