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Business Owner - Tim Hortons 2130/3737/9710

Peace River-Valleyview-Fairview


About Barb

Barb wants to live in a world filled with inclusive education, access to essential services, books that come bundled with mint chocolate bar, and a killer cup of coffee along with the ability to eat plain rippled chips and dip that have zero calories. Barb completed her Bachelor Degree in Education in 1989 and went on to be an Award-Winning Educator. As an educator, she’s taught children from K-6 and junior high, and she was also a former administrator. Barb has also tutored children, taught Sunday school, and night school for adults requiring English as a second language. 

In her career as a teacher Barb won the “Who Makes School Cool Award” in June 2000. She was also awarded the Alberta Teacher Excellence Award in 2004 with Provincial Recognition. Barb was a guest panelist on the “Let’s Talk Show” for the Women in the North Conference held in April 2016 in Peace River and again in Fairview in 2022. 

When Barb is not taking online courses and researching Down syndrome information she is also busy assisting her husband run their three restaurants and an office complex. Barb has tremendous skills in HR and office management. More recently, Barb became a Board of Director for the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation. A position in which she takes extreme pride and is looking forward to working with such an amazing foundation.


Barb was director of a professional tutoring franchise "Scholars Education Centre" in Peace River on February 2018 to December 2021.

Barb loves cutting-edge techniques and programs that strengthen brain function. In the past she was heavily involved in the SOI (Structure of Intellect program) and more recently has become certified as an SOI Practitioner and an IPP (Integrated Program Protocol) Specialist as well as a TLP (The Listening Program) Provider – a music listening program, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age, level, or ability. TLP involves listening to acoustically-modified instrumental music through high-quality headphones with bone conduction allow a multi-sensory audio system to reduce stress, improve focus, self-regulation, learning, memory, and more. All of these programs, Barb has introduced into her Education Centre! 

As a couple they strive to be an employer of choice and are Award-Winning Business Owners – They received the President’s Award of Excellence (local Chamber of Commerce) in October of 2012. 

Barb and her husband Gordon won the Premier’s Council Award for Employment Excellence with Provincial Recognition. They have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in making positive changes that create inclusive, barrier-free communities where persons with disabilities can fully participate. 

Barb and Gord also won the DMI Henry Fuller Davis Award of Selflessness.


"Your selfless dedication to all above self in times where selfishness is celebrated and rewarded is commendable. We are honoured to be able to provide the recognition you so justly deserve. Lives well lead."

                                         Amber Armstrong


Barb’s future plans are to write a book, obtain her Master’s degree, and learn how to take naps.

My Story

Clark has Down syndrome. He is the youngest of our 4 wonderful children.


He has had serious medical and developmental issues since he was born. He has had heart surgery, hernia repair, leukemia and  has had dozens of medical tests, dental surgeries and continues to see specialists at the Stollery in Edmonton.

He also has developmental delays, apraxia of speech and is considered non-verbal.  Over the years, Clark has received speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and behavioral therapy. 

Raising a child with any disability, condition or special need, is both a blessing and a challenge. A challenge for the obvious reasons, and a blessing because you don’t know the depths of success and joy until you see your him overcoming some of those challenges. Such as new found friendships and some spontaneous words and sentences.

Our family has been challenged and pushed beyond typical limits. As a family we have grown tremendously and developed an understanding, acceptance and  empathy for others in a way we never would have, it it were not for Clark. 


So many people comment on my patience and understanding but to be brutally honest  I’m just like the next mom in many ways. Sometimes I get cranky, my children irritate me, and sometimes I answer their question of  "mom where are you?" with "your mom has gone to Hawaii - by herself!" 

Despite my being a former teacher and administrator we have had challenges with his education and getting the programming he required. I do not want others to have the same struggle as we did. I always knew we had to be his advocate but what I did not know was that it was going to be THAT hard.


So I became a mom with a mission... 

Professional Background
University of New Brunswick

Bachelor of Education 1985-1990

Educator/Assistant Principal

Good Shepherd School - Peace River

Advanced Brain Technologies

The listening program - bone conduction -Certified Provider

Ashton College

Immigration Consultant Diploma

International Correspondence School

Interior Design Diploma


Christelijk Lyceum Almelo Netherlands

Exchange student


Canadian Down Syndrome Conference - Banff

Guest Speaker - May 2017


See Me Beautiful Parent/Educator Conference - Manitoba

Guest Speaker - November 2017


Glenmary Jr/Sr High School - Peace River

Board of Director - Tim Hortons Children's Foundation

Alberta - Western Franchise Owner


HFCRD#37 -  Parent/Educator Conference - Peace River

Guest Speaker - January 2018

IMG_2198 4.JPG

Down Syndrome

/doun sindrōme/


  1. genetic condition resulting from a third copy of the 21st chromosome

  2. the innate ability to see the good and beauty in the world, to radiate joy, to love unconditionally, to instil laughter and happiness in others

  3. to offer a unique perspective on life with the ability to change others' perceptions

  4. just like you


Opened Scholars Education Centre - Peace River Location

February 2018


SOI (Structure of Intellect) - Certified SOI Practitioner

June 2018


Irlen Syndrome - Certified Screener

July 2018


IPP (Integrated Program Protocol) - Certified IPP Specialist

August 2018

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