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great big C consulting

Clark - "Great Big C"!

Meet Barb Drummond
Business Owner. Education Consultant. Speaker. Special Needs Advocate. Blogger. Educator. Tutor. Certified SOI Practitioner - Specialized Assessments. Irlen Screener. Mom

Mom on a Mission

Never underestimate a parent with purpose or a mom on a mission!

Mom/Educator/Advocate/TLP Provider/Business Owner...Barb Drummond is on a Mission for Moms (and dads) who have children with special needs: to give support, raise awareness and assist in programming. 

Barb offers a variety of services and is available for speaking engagements.

Barb is keenly passionate to ensure all children have access to great quality "authentic" education, have access to specialized services and resources all while having fun and keeping sane!

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